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Women are often the unsung heroes of the education sector, leading as mothers, owners and educators in preschools around the world. They are often overlooked for their immense contributions to the field of education, and yet they continue to be strong educational leaders.

Women continue to be powerful role models in the field of education and serve as inspirational leaders who are capable of making a positive difference in society.

From providing a nurturing environment for young children to developing creative teaching methods, women have been instrumental in creating a safe and stimulating learning space. As owners of preschools, they have taken on the responsibility of ensuring that their students receive quality education while also providing them with an enriching experience one such educator is Adriana Chan, she is one of those Women who feel responsible for developing innovative strategies that ensure that their students reach their full potential.

Past in a Nutshell

I’m Adriana, and I have two girls. Since 2005, I have been a police inspector. The Baton of Honor has been bestowed upon me (the best all-rounded police inspector in Police college). During my time with the Hong Kong Police Force, I have worked with the Police Tactical Unit, Police Negotiation Cadre, Police Public Relations Branch, and Interpol.

I made the decision to leave the police force in 2011 in order to complete my education and prepare for becoming a full-time mother. A few months after the birth of my first baby, I finished my MBA at HKU. When my daughter was born, I thought the best education I could give her would be the greatest present. I began investigating all the playgroups and schools that might be appropriate for my daughter.

Contribution to the organization

My biggest Contribution as the schools’ creator, in my opinion, have been my vision and providing precise guidance to fulfil the purpose. As the head of the school, I set an example for the teachers, encouraging them to develop a passion for teaching by demonstrating the difference between excellent and exceptional teaching. I lead by example to convey to my students the value of being passionate about our work.

Utilizing technology in teaching.

Hong Kong’s schools frequently experienced suspensions during the pandemic. Teaching in-person has become impossible. To ensure that students could continue to learn at home, the school switched to virtual learning. We deployed technology for online classes and launched the pre-recorded teaching films using various social media platforms and apps. To meet the students’ requirements for fun and social connection, we must both educate and engage them at the same time.

We have a variety of programmes to help teaching and learning in schools. To teach coding and information technology, we also offer STEM and ICT classes.

Related Organizations

My first school, MASS International Preschool, was a daycare facility that provided pre-nursery schooling and child care for kids ages 0-3. It was humbly established in 2013 with just 4 pupils. I had to function as the bus driver, janitor, and principal! The school was able to keep up with the children’s growth thanks to the assistance of the parents and excellent teamwork. Our school moved to a new facility in 2015, adding a new international kindergarten programme for youngsters between the ages of 3-6.

I established Spanish Primary School in 2017, the only Spanish international school in Hong Kong offering the Spanish National curriculum. Students must learn English, Spanish, and Chinese as their first languages at our trilingual school. It is a happy school that cultivates creativity, passion for learning and international mindset.

Roots of Inspiration

The thing that drives me the most is watching the students learn and develop joyfully.

It’s difficult to start a school, but I’ve done it three times in the past ten years, with a fourth one set to begin in September. The journey has been quite difficult. Without the help of the parents of the children, the excellent teamwork of my instructors and staff, and of course my family as well, I would not have been successful.

Troubles and fixes

Keep your good attitude no matter what the situation. In the face of difficulties and obstacles, I have grown stronger and more resourceful over time. I have to deal with many issues every day. You name it—water leaks, internet outages, Covid, mishaps, personnel problems, etc. My primary responsibilities are to identify the ideal answer to each and every challenge. There are unquestionably more answers than issues, in my opinion. And pupils are always at the forefront of my mind when I need to make a decision.

Reason Behind Success

I’d answer my eldest daughter. She inspired me to be a fantastic mother, a fantastic principal, and to create a fantastic school for her. I also adore all of my students as much as I love my daughter. For my pupils, I want to create their ideal school—somewhere they can feel loved and safe. They are free to be themselves and confident. They are free to follow their goals, and we will be there to support and direct them. I want my kids to understand that, besides their parents, the only people in the world who will never be envious of their success and who will feel proud of every little accomplishment or improvement they have achieved are their teachers and principal. 

Current Educational Scenario

I recently took part in a project to make schools happier that was sponsored by the Hong Kong-based Chief Happiness Officer Association. Hong Kong is a prosperous place. Hong Kong’s children ought to be content and worry-free. Ironically, children and teenagers are the least happy individuals in Hong Kong according to the happiness index survey 2020 of the general community. Hong Kong children’s happiness index is unacceptably low when compared to youngsters throughout the world.

It’s time to consider Hong Kong’s spoon-fed and crammed educational system. I am quite appreciative that I may create my own school without having to adhere to Hong Kong’s educational trends. Instead, we strive to strike a balance between academic success and learning outside of the classroom. By planning a range of school events that support the cultural facets of English, Spanish, and Chinese, as well as science learning, art appreciation, and athletic development, we ensure that school life is interesting and innovative. We hope that through participating in the happy school project, we will be able to share our experiences with other schools and promote happy learning in Hong Kong’s educational system.

Upcoming plans

For my students, I would like to establish a secondary school, and I would like to see my first kindergarteners graduate and attend their ideal university.

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