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There are a few schools that give personal attention to each child, creating an atmosphere where young people of many faiths and cultures feel equally at home, and providing a high-caliber school whose graduates will have a positive influence in the world.

The present trend in the education system shows a rapid takeover of technology in all its functions. If looked at the right way, there is going to be a huge disruption in the education industry, which is evident even now. Then as leaders how this should be utilized as an effective change maker.

The leaders should take to upskill their talents to utilize such trends with technology to help the school culture, to take up different shades of becoming more engaging, meaningful, relevant, inspiring and more so very transparent. No doubt the new edtech trends will be disruptive.

Brief History

German Swiss International School Hong Kong was founded in 1969 and provides a through-train education from Kindergarten to Secondary. It offers a German International Stream and English International Stream. The school has around 1,250 students from around 30 countries and is located in an absolutely prestigious and well-connected location on Hong Kong Island.

Our mission is to provide a home of educational excellence within a vibrant, creative, and caring community.

Our vision is to cultivate passionate, resilient individuals and recruit, retain and empower outstanding teachers, inspire and empower students to explore their interests and passion for learning and seek to strengthen connections with our global family of alumni and leading educational institutions. Our campuses are fully equipped with state-of-the-art facilities such as but not limited to a swimming pool, gymnastic centers and outdoor playgrounds.

The Supporting Pillar

One of the primary missions of the Principal Dr. Dirk Bennhardt is to further enhance the German and Swiss identity of GSIS within its diverse community. For him language and communication is a key to understanding and building trust with people, hence he is keen to promote language and cultural education at GSIS.

Courses Offered

GSIS offers two streams – German International Stream and English International Stream. The German International Stream leads to the International Abitur whereas the English International Stream leads to the International Baccalaureate Diploma (IBDP). Both streams offer access to renowned universities worldwide.

Beyond Traditional Curriculum

Here at GSIS, we encourage our students to discover and develop their unique talents. We want them to be ambitious, educated and responsible citizens in the future to be able to flourish in an ever-changing world. In addition, we offer a broad selection of co-curricular activities for our students to choose from.

Motivating Students

As part of the curriculum, GSIS emphasises critical thinking and 21st-century skills among our students. We believe that meaningful relationships and a positive school climate can offer opportunities for our students. We also encourage our students to own and learn from their mistakes and become caring members of society.

Financial Aid

GSIS considers social aspects for students on a case-by-case basis. In particular German, Swiss and Austrian nationals can benefit since the German International Stream is the only way of receiving an education similar to their home countries. A reduction of the school fees is possible for those applicants who pass our means test successfully.

Career Opportunities

Our students have a variety of options after their graduation. Students of the German International Stream can graduate after Y10 and Y12 (International Abitur) and are able to continue their education via vocational training or attending universities. Our English International Stream students usually go to study at universities directly after their graduation, yet some of our students will opt for a gap year before they proceed with their formal education.

Tackling Covid-19

COVID-19 has led to extraordinary challenges for schools globally. Schools had to be closed and frequent online learning had to be conducted. One of the key factors for a successful outcome was the reinvention of the degree and nature of emotional well-being among our students and teachers. We put a lot of effort into building and maintaining positive relationships during the pandemic by promoting strategies to improve social connectedness.


GSIS has been constantly awarded as one of the top global IB schools worldwide. It is an accredited ‘International Baccalaureate World School’ and a PASCH school.

Future Plans GSIS plans to further enhance and develop the German and Swiss identity of GSIS inside the diverse international community. In addition, we will further enhance our campus facilities and the professional development of our staff to stay competitive in the current and future international education market in Hong Kong.

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