How Hands-On Learners Thrive as Transportation Techs

The arrival of the new year means new decisions for students planning their futures. Although the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic has thrown many students’ career plans for a loop, the increased time at home allows students and parents to reflect and explore opportunities they might not have considered.

One place to start is by discovering a student’s learning style. Everyone has a learning style. Some people are visual learners, some learn best by listening, and some are hands-on — they learn by doing. For these hands-on learners, a career in a hands-on field, such as the high-tech transportation industry, not only suits their strengths but also brings them satisfaction and security.

As many parents spend more time observing their children’s learning in a virtual school environment, they are developing an appreciation for different learning styles.

Many hands-on learners struggle in traditional learning environments. However, these children and teens thrive when they engage in educational opportunities that support their strengths, and can put them on the road to successful careers.

The Foundation, a nonprofit organization that promotes the potential of professional technician careers, provides resources and encourages parents, teachers, and other influential figures to recognize and support technical careers that may be a good fit for hands-on learners.

“For too long, they’ve accepted as truth that a college degree is the only way to get ahead and we’ve overlooked the gifts, talents, and significant contributions of students who don’t fit the four-year mold,”

“For students who are mechanically minded, and learn best when they’re in action, a quality technical or vocational education can be the path to success.”

As part of its ongoing “Be a Pathfinder” campaign, the Foundation offers a free online assessment to help students (and adults) identify their learning styles, and participants can receive a detailed report with educational and career advice based on their style — visual, auditory, or kinetic.

The campaign encourages students to be “pathfinders” by helping them discover and understand their unique strengths and use that knowledge to choose educational and career paths.

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Every child is special and we should support them in discovering their inner talent and future path.