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International Placewell Consultants FZ LLC was established in the year 2003. A humble journey began with the representation of a single university, which has culminated into a representation of several top-ranked universities from across the globe. Our mission of 18 years is still held at the highest order – to provide a range of services to the students that allow them to be comprehensively briefed and make an informed choice for their higher studies thereby finding a RIGHT FIT.

IPC, Gulf is licensed by Knowledge and Human Development (KHDA). IPC an authorized Agent by the British Council and is a registered UCAS centre. The Knowledge Village honoured International Placewell Consultants FX LLC in 2013 with “The Excellence Award” upon completing the 10-year partnership with Knowledge Village, Dubai. The above recognition is an ode to our excellent service while maintaining the highest ethical and moral standards.

IPC assists students to apply for courses at all levels of education- PhD, Postgraduate, Undergraduate, Foundation and Pre-Sessional English Courses. Our services include subject counselling, visa counselling, admission guidance, error-free documentation, accommodation & Pre-departure briefing.

IPC primarily works with universities in the UK. This includes those in England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales. In addition, we work closely with the Pathway providers that in turn work with universities all over the world. We represent universities in the EU, Canada, the USA and Australia. We are thus equipped with the education system and Equivalency of qualifications. We are aware of all the tests that are required both for the generic language ones as well as the course-specific tests for each country that we represent, hence guide the student to take the right exam at the right time. This may also include the additional qualification that a student may need to secure admission at a university of their choice, such as SAT, AP’s etc. We also maintain in-depth knowledge of their visa requirements and documentation. In addition, we understand the financial implications and provide extensive information on the same. The team advises of the changes in the admissions guidelines, visa guidelines in real-time and therefore are equipped to guide the students accurately. We also constantly monitor any changes in education requirements and admissions procedures regionally and ensure that the highest standards are met.

As official representatives, we are trained and guided by the universities in person that allows us to impart the right and substantial information to the student that ensures that our success rate of admission is almost 97%. We are aware of all Academic and Language requirements of the universities.

IPC follows up queries with the partner universities regarding individual applications and keeps the potential student informed about the progress of their application. As far as possible, our team Familiarize potential students with all UK entry procedures and assist students in making an informed which is in their best interest. The long associations with the universities have enabled us to provide a holistic service that encapsulates all aspects of the admissions.

Our office in Dubai is equipped with all the information material about the universities that we partner with. In addition to the University brochures and ranking guides, IPC creates its brochures that condenses the relevant information for the students concerning the Middle East. The IPC Guide to Higher Studies is a well-received and appreciated publication that carries university relevant information as well as helpful tips on how to write the Statement of Purpose, Letter of Recommendation, Tuition Fees and Documentation and other important information for the students.

Counselling a student includes preparing him/her for the University of their choice. It includes profile building and guidance in the direction of the university. IPC Dubai will provide individual personalized and confidential counselling to each candidate. This will include personal profile counselling, career counselling, and course counselling. IPC Dubai Staff is regularly updated in the admissions matters regarding the universities we represent which are undertaken during many educational events in the Middle East and agent training sessions at the universities campuses. The international Officers from the universities train and update the staff from time to time both in-person and via the online mode. Information is also be provided to the parents and other sponsors whilst respecting the confidentiality of each applicant. For government and other commercially sponsored students, the appropriate arrangements for regular reports are organized by the team IPC.

A long experience with the counselling and constant appraisal process has enabled the team to assist the students to help with their subject and career choices. The team has developed an extensive workshop to help students THINK RIGHT and find structure to the madness. The workshop highlights the important topics of ‘Growth Mindset’ and ‘Confirmation Beliefs’. The team assists the students to map their Skill Gap which is an important attribute towards choosing the right career and subjects. We take pride in developing a system that is student-centric and has time and again helped them steer in the right direction. In addition to the admissions guidelines, we also advice the students about the study opportunities, Work Permit, Migration options, Entry Clearances, Cultural Matters and Acclimatization.

The long eventful journey of International Placewell Consultants has ensured that we have successfully placed thousands of students in an institution of their choice. We are official representative to our university partners which ensures that our services are continuously benchmarked and appropriate feedback is undertaken every year.

With each passing year, we increase our portfolio to ensure that there is a university for each student and we can thereby cater to every student that seek our services. Our role includes profiling the student to match them to the university hence we suggest a university factoring all important aspects such as grades, finances, ranking etc. All factors are taken into account to formulate a feasible plan for the students and thereby apply to universities in accordance.

While the world underwent a significant change during the COVID 19 onslaught, International Placwell Consultants understood the significance of keeping up with the changing scenario. The world switched to the online mode and so did we when the time demanded. We were pleasantly surprised with the online world that got together over the various portals of zoom, meets etc. We opened our screens and reached out to guide and assist the students to plan their future just like before. The exams have been cancelled, the guidelines have undergone a change and so have the visa rules. Some countries allowed students, some did not. Some universities opened their campuses, some did not. Some provided accommodations, some did not. The ever-changing world required us to not just keep up but also make sense out of it all. We condensed and processed the information for the students to enable them to make sense of it all and filter relevant information through the entire dump of information being shared on social media.

Our role underwent a lot of change, now in addition to just guiding the students, we also had to give them confidence about their future. Sometimes a lending ear and sometimes the sounding board, IPC team had to play the part that helped the students often through the computer screens.

The Covid has changed our line of work tremendously. While an online mode of education was not well accepted earlier and in most cases not even recognized, it has now become the accepted model. The world will go back to normal, but online acceptance in the education field is here to stay. It had opened many avenues for students and that will eventually play an advantageous part in our lives. As part of this complex field of education, International Placewell Consultants is working towards being part of the bright future.

In our adventure to the future, we are looking to partner with institutions that will provide the sought after courses and also those who will keep with the expectations of the students. The education destinations are changing and new doors are being opened and newer places being added. We look to work with these and adjust our portfolio to accommodate the changes and be future-ready.

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