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Beginning of the Expedition

Ruhma Yusuf Rinaldi – Founder of Little Genius International- 2006 MSc. Sociology Health and Healthcare- thesis in Societal Implications of Breastfeeding in the Modern Age (University College London Medical School, UK), BA Development Studies (School of Oriental & African Studies, University of London, UK) Specialization in Sustainable Development. CACHE Diploma in Childcare and Education Level 3 (VRQ) (Extension College, London, UK) Technical writer for United Nations agencies, Rome (2000-2003) Dept. Sustainable development (WFP), Dept. Women (WFP), Dept. Nutrition (FAO) Forward UK (NGO) London, UK -Child protection for African girls and women (1996-8) First Aid and Fire Training Certified. Associate member of the American Psychologists Association, Member of International Headteacher. Languages: English, Italian, Urdu.

Integration of Technology in Classroom

Fablab at Little Genius International is a workshop of experimentation and prototyping for the young (6 to 11 year olds). The development of practical skills and the aptitude to self-construct allows students to discover robotics and familiarize themselves with the functioning of electrical circuits and digitally controlled devices. We aim at making our students conscious of their potential, providing them with the opportunity to experiment with the real perception of objects and technology that surrounds them in light of their ever changing and evolving variables and in direct consequence to their acquired knowledge and creativity.

Revolutionizing Education

Little Genius brings the ICE “Infinite Child Evolution®” methodology to the market, for the next generations of education with teaching and learning methods designed in respect to meeting societal needs whilst recognising and addressing those of the generation of digital natives. ICE is the first certified methodology offering services and instruments towards the transformation of schools into a “balanced model of teaching and learning” as required by the 21st century. We achieve this by emphasizing critical thinking, social awareness, self-determination and questioning the drive behind mainstream culture, with augmented learning through the clear utilization of developing technologies.

The ICE® methodology represents a teaching system that adapts to the time and place where it is applied, going beyond the traditional methods of formal education. This method of teaching and learning leads to positive change, to develop innovative skills. According to the ICE methodology, the use of a traditional approach limits the understanding and development of the basic knowledge of students and teachers, especially in learning areas such as digital skills, thus precluding the development of essential innovation skills for the professional future. The originality of the ICE educational system lies in its dynamic-evolutionary nature which translates into the constant change of teaching methods, adapting them to new systems of knowledge and the individual characteristics of the child, while traditional systems remain static and respond very slowly to company developments.

About Little Genius International

Little Genius International is a corporation with the strongest social influence on a European level, a school that aims at the creation of an ecosystem designed to support the psychological, intellectual and cultural development of children rather than just proposing a simple educational system. The curriculum includes the encouragement of students’ active involvement in their own opinions, thoughts, actions and schooling, as well as in their development of an awareness and increase in knowledge related to environmental, economic, social and cultural realities. These include promoting relations with stakeholders on a global level to build and intervene on a shared vision of the common good and of civic engagement, as well as cooperating with students to reach a zero plastic waste target, by 2018 and promoting a vision amongst the youngest students on alternatives to curb the overconsumption of resources while pursuing the target of sustainability.

These are some of the goals at Little Genius International. Little Genius International is the international school for your child, aged from 2 to 11 years old. We offer a curriculum certified by Cambridge International School, recognized both nationally and internationally. The curriculum follows the British national program and the hosting country’s national program for languages and mathematics, thereby including the teaching of the Italian language. For the remaining subjects we ensure our students are presented with a non- discriminatory curriculum that is “inclusive and futuristic” through the Infinite Child Evolution methodology® (ICE®), the educational method of choice, unique and specifically created for the digital natives. A high-level school that aims to provide an inclusive education, by offering scholarships to the most enthusiastic students and by providing the possibility of supporting the financial limitations of families.

Overcoming Challenges

The events of the last year, the impact and consequences of the pandemic, have confirmed the importance of the strategic choices made by the company over the last few years. In particular, the choice of developing an educational ecosystem suitable for fostering the psychological and cultural development of the child, always in step with the speed of changes in society, has made it possible to readjust, in a short time, activities and operations to respond to the challenges imposed by the pandemic.

Little Genius International has consolidated the awareness of the fundamental role that schools play in guaranteeing a positive social and environmental impact, in guiding individuals towards the improvement of civil, economic, scientific and environmental life, especially in the effort of resilience and future reconstruction that awaits society in the coming years. The company strategy, while remaining strongly linked to the growth of the “core” activities, has identified in the last year some areas of development in which to invest even more strongly: consultancy activities for other schools, supply of programs and educational contents to other schools, enhancement of IPRs (patents and trademarks), franchising and enhancement of the great experience acquired in the field of digital teaching.

Current Education Scenario

Education has not evolved at the same speed as our society, and doesn’t prepare children with the competencies needed to make them fit for the 21st century societal challenges. Urgent intervention and adjustment are needed to facilitate their development and with the aim of securing an improvement across many aspects of European society from intellect, technological proficiency, innovation and integration.

Inspiration and Motivation Behind the Journey

Society is required to interveen according to the following weaknesses affecting 80% of children: Lacking basic competencies (reading,maths,science): in particular for digital natives via technological augmentation, essential in a future competitive Europe where the ability to relate to complex digital data in a significantly different future work environment will require skills that have to be forseen with urgency. Lack of motivation: low academic engagement performance due to a lack of emotional engagement, curiosity and stimuli in children that need to be related to today’s world (relevance of taught material) and with a lack of expectations to actively engage in processes of research and development and consequential innovation, coupled with pedagogically guided work ethics and high academic expectations. Lack of context and personalisation of learning aligned with each child’s social and personal individual identity: wherein a child becomes alienated and disassociated with a construed cultural identity causing personal and social disengagement or detachment, these being factors that are conducive towards creating social unrest. Lack of development of a sense of citizenship: social responsibility, self determination and “altruism associated status” to educate future policy makers and mainstream public opinion. Lack of digital skills and integrated new technologies learning path.

Future Goals

No plan or strategy can remain immutable given the epochal changes modelling an unknown society. Surely, education must remain at the centre of global agenda but we’ll reinforce our flagship school strategy and focus more resources on developing our patent and campus and less on network of schools under brand method and tech and generic diversification.

Message For Students

Little Genius international offers an open-mind method that guarantees the highest and most recognized quality of teaching. We are committed to fostering a curriculum that adapts to present-day needs. A curriculum that considers learning as an intellectual and social process, respecting the uniqueness and talents of each individual – which are recognized as values. A method that will meet the needs of the child, the adult, the family and the social environment.

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