St. George’s International School - International Environment With Ethos and Academic Excellence

1. Please mention about the school and its mission/vision and various infrastructural facilities.

Founded in 1927, St. George’s International School combines its well-structured, traditional ethos with academic excellence in an international environment. Enjoying a safe and beautiful location, our whole school community fosters mutual respect and understanding whilst cultivating individual talents and potential.

As stated in our motto, «Levavi Oculos», St. George’s International School encourages students to lift their eyes and recognise positive qualities within themselves and others and to nurture a caring and dynamic attitude in today’s demanding world.

Our 12-acre campus is located in the residential suburb of Clarens, near Montreux, overlooking the Lac Leman and the Alps. The outstanding campus facilities include tennis courts, sports hall, adventure playgrounds, astroturf pitch, dance studio, music studio, art rooms, science laboratories, design and technology lab, fitness centre, library and a beautiful Swiss chalet which houses the Early Learning School and the Lower Junior School.

2. Kindly mention about the prominent personality of the school and his/her role in the development of the school.

Jenny Aviss, Principal at St. George’s International School. Mrs Aviss was the Head in London top schools for 16 years and the Director of Alpha Plus Group for 9 years.

As Principal of the school, it is important to Mrs Aviss to be connected in all areas of the school, academic and operational. Spending time in the Chalet with our youngest children  is as important as discussing exam performance of our Senior students. Ensuring that the school is engaging teachers of the highest calibre is a fundamental necessity for students to be able to achieve their maximum potential. Everything begins with the teaching and learning and the importance in how staff are valued for their contributions to the development of their faculties and the consistent drive for excellence. This sits at the heart of her role and its oversight of the school’s development.  

3. Kindly describe about the various courses offered by the school and their salient features.

At St. George’s International School, we combine well-structured, traditional ethos with academic excellence in an international environment.

Junior School
Our Bilingual Junior School experience is designed to immerse children equally in both English and French. Children access a dual French/English language curriculum in equal division.
Children may join us at any time with various levels of development of English and French. Our school values home language learning and facilitates opportunities in class and outside of school.
Our teachers’ expertise in language acquisition enables every child to enjoy learning through experience and in a caring and supportive environment. We see bilingualism as a process that is unique to every child.

Our bilingual programme is specifically designed to ensure that it is international in its content. Our “Learning means the World” curriculum leads seamlessly into the “Perspectives Globales” course in Middle School.

Middle School
Our St. George’s Bilingual or Multilingual Certificate encourages the use of French in and out of school and promotes students’ home language(s), raising the importance of languages within the school community.
From language acquisition to first language levels, students join us at different stages any time of their language development process in both English and French.
As they progress, they develop confidence and cognitive growth. Our “Perspectives Globales” programme in French enables students to build on their language journey. German and Spanish are also introduced and students’ home languages, including German are actively supported.
The Cambridge International curriculum is an important structured pathway towards the students’ Senior School years. Our students are taught in Middle School by the same highly qualified and skilled teachers who teach the Senior School academic programmes that are to come.

Senior School
Our students come from multiple educational experiences and diverse language backgrounds. Whether they are bilingual /multilingual or they are starting to learn a second language, they progress in an international learning environment and develop language and cultural awareness. Every student’s language profile is discussed to plan an individualized language pathway to suit their needs and aspirations. We have a deep understanding of multilingual learners and believe that language acquisition and development in at least two languages is essential in today’s academic and professional life. Our teachers understand every student’s language journey and are committed to supporting their content and language integrated learning. Students join us at any stage of their journey and have equal access to the International Baccalaureate programme in their last two years, before they embark on university.

4. Please mention what steps are you taking beyond the traditional curriculum to ensure overall development of the students?

Students at St. George’s International School have a wide range of opportunities at school, from Foundation stage to Year 13, preparing for University through our dedicated University counsellor. The Inspired philosophy embraces the three pillars of education: Academic, Sports and Performing Arts- these sit at the heart of the school and everything we do. This philosophy ensures that every student has a unique depth and breadth of education that develops their overall academic , social and emotional development. This is complimented by a life skill programme and a range of more than 60 extra -curricular activity clubs, that ensures every student has a truly holistic education at St. George’s School and every student experiences the euphoria of success. We know that a balanced and varied educational programme contributes to the overall confidence of a student and confidence itself brings success. The better a student feels about him or herself, the more they can and will achieve.

5. What steps does the school take to motivate and develop the students’ interest towards education?

 First and foremost, a student will be motivated if they feel that they are invested in by their teachers. Generally, we find young people have a huge capacity for self-motivation and this is fuelled by teachers who are genuinely passionate about their subject and have a real commitment to their students. The students’ natural interest in acquiring knowledge and the desire to succeed, is a natural pathway for their future aspirations to be realised. 

 We are an international school and so the development of international mindedness  amongst our students is absolutely key on our agenda.  The wide and diverse mixture of nationalities we have, simply ensures that our school is a dynamic, vibrant, diverse and appreciating community. International Mindedness and inter-culturalism is the key to being successful in our world today and our students leave well prepared and excited for these challenges ahead.

6. What are the career opportunities available to the students after completion of their courses?

The IB of course is a gateway to universities around the world which is why the IB DP is such a popular course. We have a designated university counsellor who will guide each student from Year 9 upwards, from Options at IGCSE to IB subjects and career opportunities. Knowing our students well, which is one of our key successes, enables us to consider every student’s possibilities for their future. We find that most students have a good idea of what they want to study and their interests, and ensuring students study subjects which stimulate and excite them is the key to a successful career path. Opportunities follow with careful oversight and experienced and professional guidance. 

7. Other than traditional occupations, what other career field options are available for them?

It is very unlimited; students choose between a myriad of careers from business to the Performing Arts; we respond to each and every student’s aspirations   and guide them successfully in the direction of their  chosen field .