St. Jude School - The international school that encourages amazing learning through educating both mind and heart!

St. Jude School has been supporting society with quality professionals with a clear social commitment, for nearly 60 years through a high quality, fully authorised international education, culminating in the International Baccalaureate’s Diploma Program (IB DP), the premier of high school qualifications. As a UNESCO partner school, our priority is to educate students who respect individual differences, different beliefs, and different cultures, but who have a special respect for national identity and the dignity of people. The wide ranging and rigorous program, with its focus on high expectations, thinking critically, effort and 21st century skills, prepares students to enter university successfully, no matter where in the world they wish to go.

St Jude School is well-known for the ability, commitment and care of its teaching and administration staff, which ensures that students are individually known and supported. The staff look for ways to identify the talents of our students to guide them in the fulfillment of their goals and dreams.

Outside of the classroom, St Jude School offers your children a wide range of opportunities through its extensive cocurricular program, which includes support for the major Catholic sacraments of First Communion and Catechism, after school activities, music, sport, community service, Model United Nations and student leadership; all of which help build a well-balanced confident student with an array of professional and personal skills. 

Mission and Vision

Mission: St. Jude School is a well-established, active, multicultural and inclusive educational community that promotes universal and Christian values within a culture of peace.  It forms citizens who are virtuous, happy, creative, respectful towards the environment, critical, knowledgeable about global realities, and who lead their learning process with the skills to impact their environment and positively leaving a distinctive legacy that lasts for generations.

Vision: To be the country’s best educational institution with international impact; known for its continuous innovation and excellence in forming students who will make a positive change in their environment. 

We are an outstanding PK- 11 international school. Our facilities include chemistry and physics labs, a fabrication lab (unique in a school environment), dance, music, drama and visual arts rooms, an amazing library with a media center, a one of a kind gymnasium that also can be adapted as a large auditorium. Our rooms are designed to fulfill all student needs and work in different ways, both through collaboration and for individual work.

We have a soccer field and two artificial fields. Preschool has music, arts and technology rooms. The playground is unique as it integrates students’ play with nature. Our collaborative learning corridors help us towards having different spaces for fun and amazing learning as well as individual support.

From the Leader’s Desk

Our school culture is based on a ‘family’ concept. We call it ‘The St Jude Family’ and we try to make everybody feel like an important member of it. You can see this reflected on the way teachers and other staff members work together and the set of beliefs, values, and assumptions they share, also between parents, staff and students. There is a positive school climate and the school culture promote students’ ability to learn.

We are an IB Diploma School offering an IB foundation year where we prepare students for the skills needed to face a challenging and rigorous program. We recently became members of the Fieldwork Education programs for early, elementary and middle school years.

The programs all focus on student learning in three areas – subject learning goals, personal student goals and international mindedness goals. Students are able to link and transfer learning between subjects as there is a conceptual big idea that is the center of their learning. We look to create an impact in our local and global communities. Our students have strong values that they apply in their everyday lives. Our students are creative, critical and innovators. We also offer the CASE V Program which supports student Athletes, artists and high academic achievers to continue their education while still focusing on their talent being top achievers in both their activity of choice as their academics. 

Proclaiming Holistic Development

Our learning definition is: “Learning is wondering how the world works, and through amazing experiences, getting better to create a positive impact”.  What we want each student to understand is that “Through learning I become knowledgeable, cultured, empowered, confident and happy”. Student choice is a big part of our school. We want students to find their “element”, that talent that makes them unique and that they feel passion for. Our program focuses on providing attention that will have an impact on each student. Our academic tracking seeks to be a strong support in all areas of student lives. We provide international experiences that result in Amazing Learning for all our students.

Our students become lifelong learners. They enjoy learning through experiences that will make their minds wonder and inquire about the world around them looking to understand and make sense of their findings. Student choice, voice and understanding of their process makes learning fun, significant, powerful and appreciated by all students. They love their school because they love the learning happening every single day.

Exhibiting Academic Excellence

International Baccalaureate Diploma program School, members of IEYC, IPC and IMYC curriculum programs.

Future Ready School

After leaving St. Jude School students will be prepared to face any career of their choice. Student skills and results have been reflected in our students being admitted to some of the top international universities such as Cambridge, IE Business School, Cardiff amongst others. 

Because of our focus on creativity and critical thinking students will be successful in the area of their choice. We have a curriculum that is focused on students gaining the knowledge skills and understanding for any career. Our amazing facilities allow students to explore different areas and with support of our electives and our partnership with US Universities, they have an opportunity to study actual courses from their program of choice.

As an International School Partnership (ISP) school, we aim to continue growing and innovating, both our academics as our infrastructure to fulfill all student needs. We will offer further international opportunities, greater learning choices and opportunities, and even more links with our sister schools all over the world.