Step One International School

  • Please mention about the school and its mission/vision and various infrastructural facilities.

Step One International School is a primary school, offering students Cambridge Primary Curriculum. It was established to provide a comprehensive and challenging academic educational program to motivate and enable students to pursue preparatory studies in Science, Math, English, and Technology.

The broad balanced curriculum offered at SIS is predicated on a student- centered approach for developing the whole child. The developmental pathways are psychological, emotional, academic, technical, and values based. This approach has provided SIS with an educational edge for over 10 years necessary to successfully prepare our students to compete in a global society.

The school vision is to guide, empower and prepare learners for a modern global society by developing critical thinking, inquisitive learning and digital skills with emphasis on building a community collaboration between stakeholders focused on improving resilience, emotional and mental wellbeing, enhancing social connectedness and instilling national identity and school key values.

The school mission is to provide learners with challenging and well balanced instructional and character development programs to encourage creative exploration and acquire innovative autonomy through British and national standard based curriculums within a safe, nurturing, motivating and inclusive learning environment with a particular focus on developing and maintaining learner’s positive wellbeing and mental health.

  • Kindly mention about the prominent personality of the school and his/her role in the development of the school.

The school owner is Mrs. Mariam Al Kuwari and the school principal and executive director is Mrs. Rim Kabbara. The two leaders work on achieving the school mission and vision focused on student success and positive wellbeing and mental health. 

  • What new services or activities did you establish at your school?
  • SIS collaborated with Carnegie Mellon University in Doha over the past 3 years in the application of ALICE programming curriculum for Year 6 students as part of the students computing and digital skills curriculum which proved to be greatly beneficial. 
  • SIS had established a strong partnership with Al Arabi Sports Club which resulted in many of our talented students to be selected and adopted by Al Arabi Club and became part of the basketball national team of Qatar.
  • Please mention what steps are you taking beyond the traditional curriculum to ensure overall development of the students?

SIS teachers are adopting various strategies and approaches to ensure the students academic and social development:

  • Flipped Classroom Approach and Project Based Learning methods are among the strategies adopted by teachers to ensure the learning is student centered.
  • STEAM activities and Lego Education 2.0 have proven its effectiveness in broadening our students’ critical thinking and problem solving skills.
  • GATE program (in Art, Maths and Drama) helps cater for Gifted and Talented students and is developed to nurture students’ abilities and talents.
  • What steps does the school take to motivate and develop the students’ interest towards education?

Step One International School implements a multifaceted approach to motivate and cultivate students’ interest in education. Here are the key strategies:

  • Reward Chart System: Each classroom is equipped with a reward chart to acknowledge and celebrate individual and collective achievements.
  • Merit and Demerit System: This system encourages positive initiatives and addresses any behavioral concerns constructively.
  • House Colors: Students are organized into houses, fostering a sense of camaraderie and competition through various inter-house activities.
  • Act of Kindness Certificates: Recognizing and commending acts of kindness promotes a nurturing and inclusive school environment.
  • Healthy Lunchbox Certificate: Encouraging healthy eating habits is paramount, and students are acknowledged for their nutritious lunch choices.
  • Star of the Week Awards (English and Arabic Subjects): Acknowledging outstanding performance in both Arabic & English departments promotes a well-rounded educational experience.
  • End-of-Year Reward Field Trip: A culminating event to celebrate collective achievements and foster a sense of accomplishment.
  • Graduation Ceremony (Year 2): Recognizing the transition from Key Stage 1 to Key Stage 2, marking a significant milestone in the students’ academic journey.
  • National Identity Certificates: Integrating cultural and national values into daily school life through certificates distributed throughout the year.
  •  Weekly Student Involvement in School Assembly: Providing students with opportunities to actively participate in school assemblies, promoting a sense of belonging and ownership.
  • Class Representatives, Student Council and Senior Office: Empowering students with leadership roles, allowing them to plan and execute various events and activities within the school.

These strategies collectively create a stimulating and supportive learning environment, encouraging students to take an active interest in their education and fostering a strong sense of community within the school.

  • How are you providing financial assistance to the students in need?

Due to COVID-19, the school introduced the Pandemic Financial Aid process to assist parents affected by the crisis to have a discount on students’ tuition fees. 

  • What makes your school unique?

Our school boasts several unique features that set it apart from others:

  • Engaged and Supportive Teachers: The dedication of our teachers is evident in their regular communication with parents, addressing any academic or behavioral concerns promptly. This open channel of communication fosters a collaborative learning environment.
  • Close-knit Community: The small size of the school creates a tight-knit community, fostering a sense of family and genuine connections among students, parents, and staff.
  • Experiential Learning Through Field Trips: The regular series of field trips throughout the year not only celebrate student achievements but also provide invaluable hands-on learning experiences, allowing students to explore beyond the confines of the classroom.
  • Diverse Range of Events: The abundance and diversity of events organized by the school enhance the overall educational experience. This rich calendar of activities caters to a wide array of interests and talents.
  • Inclusive Education for Special Educational Needs (SEN): The integration of SEN students into mainstream classes reflects a commitment to inclusivity and ensures that every student receives an education tailored to their needs.
  • Parental Involvement and National Identity Program: The active participation of parents in various school events and the National Identity Program contributes to a holistic educational experience, reinforcing cultural values and community engagement.
  • Opportunities for Participation in Competitions: Both internal and external competitions provide students with a platform to showcase their talents and abilities, ensuring that every student has a chance to participate and excel.
  •  Personalized Support with School Social Worker: The availability of 1-1 sessions with the school social worker demonstrates a commitment to individual student well-being. This personalized approach helps students overcome challenges and reach their full potential.

These distinctive features collectively create a nurturing and enriching educational environment, where each student is valued, supported, and given opportunities to thrive academically, socially, and personally. This unique blend of community, experiences, and inclusive practices sets our school apart in providing a holistic education.

  • What are some ways you keep up with changes in education trends?

At SIS, we prepare students to be well rounded global citizens. Research based tasks, online interactive resources for numeracy and literacy in English and Arabic languages and the use of Microsoft TEAMS Platform in addition to incorporating digital learning resources and tools to encourage students independence and critical thinking skills.

  • Please enlighten us about the school’s major awards/achievements, its accomplished/renowned alumni, remarkable collaborations, and major accreditations.

 Over the past two years, our school has achieved several noteworthy milestones and accolades. Here are some of the major awards, achievements, and notable events:

Academically, the school always  gets selected by the Ministry of Education and Higher Education to take part in the International Assessments of PIRLS and TIMSS and the results reflect the high level of student preparedness and learning achieved in the areas of English, Math and Science. The school received letters of commendation from the ministry of education for scoring higher than the international and national norms and for excelling in the area of English language proficiency.

The school invests time and effort as well in the extra curricular activities providing  students with a variety of opportunities to experience and explore.

  • ALICE Program: Our school actively engages in the ALICE Program, which focuses on enhancing creativity, critical thinking, and problem-solving skills among students, preparing them for future challenges.
  • Scientific Research: Our students have been involved in scientific research projects, fostering a culture of inquiry and innovation within the school community.
  • STEM Olympiad: We are proud to have had 21 students qualify for the final round of the STEM Olympiad abroad, a testament to their exceptional aptitude in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics.
  • School Olympic Program: Our school has actively participated in the School Olympic Program, with achievements in both gymnastics for girls and football for boys, highlighting the dedication and talent of our athletes.
  • Ashbal Al Tafsir: Students from our school have participated in the Ashbal Al Tafsir competition, showcasing their proficiency in understanding and interpreting the Quranic text.
  • Word Shake Competition: Our students have demonstrated their linguistic prowess by participating in the Word Shake Competition, a platform that celebrates language proficiency and vocabulary skills.
  • Reading Olympiad: Our school actively participates in the Reading Olympiad, promoting a love for literature and encouraging students to explore a wide range of literary works.
  • Ajyal Film Festival Participation: The school provided the opportunity for three talented students to participate in the Ajyal Film Festival, covering all expenses. This experience allowed them to gain valuable insights, connect with accomplished writers and producers, and broaden their understanding of the film industry.
  • Young Hadeth Narrator Competition: Our students actively participated and showcased their skills in the Young Hadeth Narrator Competition, demonstrating their proficiency in narrating Hadeth (sayings of Prophet Muhammad).
  • SIS Quran Competition:The school excelled in the SIS Quran Competition, showcasing the dedication and proficiency of our students in the field of Quranic recitation and memorization.

In addition to these achievements, our school takes pride in its accomplished and renowned alumni, who have gone on to excel in various fields, making significant contributions to society. Furthermore, we have established collaborations with reputable institutions and organizations to further enrich the learning experience for our students. These partnerships encompass a diverse range of educational initiatives and activities, including:

  • Career Day Field Trips (Kidzania): In association with Kidzania Qatar, our students have had the opportunity to explore various career paths through interactive and immersive experiences, gaining valuable insights into different professions.
  • Health Awareness (Hygiene) (MOPH): The Ministry of Public Health (MOPH) has played a pivotal role in educating our students about the importance of hygiene and overall health, promoting a culture of well-being within the school community.
  • Health Awareness (Dental Presentation) (Senators Center): Senators Center has conducted informative presentations on dental health, ensuring that our students are equipped with the knowledge and practices necessary for maintaining good oral hygiene.
  • Health Awareness (Dental Check-up) (Nassim Al Rabii Medical Center): Nassim Al Rabii Medical Center has facilitated dental check-ups, prioritizing the oral health of our students and emphasizing the significance of regular dental examinations.
  • Book Fair Collaborations: Collaborations with esteemed entities such as Dar Alshamal, Petal group, Kalemat book store, and Crescent Bookshop have enriched our students’ access to a wide array of literary works, fostering a love for reading and expanding their knowledge base.
  • Field Trip (Inside the Box):Through our partnership with the Qatar Scouts and Guides Association, students have had the opportunity to participate in the “Inside the Box” program, engaging in activities that promote teamwork, problem-solving, and leadership skills.
  • Civil Defense Workshop (Civil Defense):Collaborating with Civil Defense has enabled our students to gain crucial knowledge about fire safety, disaster preparedness, and emergency response, ensuring their safety and well-being in various situations.
  • Kahrama Field Trip (Kahrama): Students have had the privilege of visiting Kahrama, gaining valuable insights into the field of energy production and conservation, and understanding the importance of sustainable energy practices.
  • Charity Initiatives (Earthquake Donations) (Qatar Charity): Qatar Charity’s collaboration has provided our students with the opportunity to actively participate in charitable initiatives, fostering a sense of empathy, compassion, and social responsibility.
  • Ehsan Program (Center for Empowerment and Elderly Care):Our partnership with the Center for Empowerment and Elderly Care (Ehsan) emphasizes the value of intergenerational connections, as students engage with and learn from elderly members of the community, promoting mutual respect and understanding.

 These collaborations have played a crucial role in broadening the horizons of our students, offering them unique learning opportunities beyond the classroom and instilling values of community engagement, compassion, and lifelong learning.

10. Kindly elaborate about the future plans of the school in the same.

SIS program currently  serves students in Years 1– 6. The school is in the process of applying for the secondary level in an estimation to open a new campus for Year 7-12 students in the upcoming years.

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