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About Sunshine Kids Academy

Established in 2014, Sunshine Kids Academy Inc. offers a wide array of early child development and academic enrichment programs to children between 0 and 12 years old at two locations in Tokyo and Chiba. The Tokyo campus is based in Tsukiji, Chuo city, and the Shin-Urayasu campus serves the communities in Urayasu city areas.

Well-designed classrooms feature a variety of rich learning centers for children to work and learn independently and in groups. The programs are year-long and comprehensive, with certified teachers from different teaching backgrounds (e.g., Montessori, Special Education, etc.). The low student-teacher ratio ensures optimal attention and learning opportunities for all ages.

The Preschool & Kindergarten programs focus on educating the whole child by offering an environment that nurtures the passion for education in young learners. Activities, projects, and extended learning opportunities invite children to explore their curiosities and apply multiple skills across disciplines. The curriculum and its thematic approach help students make real-world connections between prior and new knowledge. Beyond traditional subjects, the school also exposes children to the importance of “Visual & Performing Arts Education” by providing daily art and fitness activities and bi-annual dance and musical recitals.

The Afterschool Lab & Studio programs focus on an inquiry-based, transdisciplinary curriculum framework. Its holistic approach is built upon the conceptual understanding that caters to the students’ intellectual, academic, and creative abilities. The ultimate goal of these programs is to help children become well-spoken and comprehensible individuals. These afterschool programs cater to non-registered students and our currently enrolled Kindergarten families, providing an age-based experience that can be tailored according to their interests.

Overall, Sunshine Kids Academy Inc. is committed to providing an environment that fosters a love for learning with the understanding that each child has different aspects of development and needs. As an early education institution, SKA emphasizes balance in education, both in physical and mental health development, through its holistic approach.

Prominent Personality

Sunshine Kids Academy Inc.’s prominent personality is its Owner & Director, Shazia Kitahara, who has been instrumental in this school’s development and growth since its establishment in 2014. With over 17 years of experience as a teacher and in early childhood education, Shazia Kitahara deeply understands how children learn and the importance of providing a balanced education with a nurturing and supportive environment.

Her passion for early education and dedication to providing her students with the best possible learning experience has been the driving forces behind Sunshine Kids Academy’s success. Her child-centered & age-based curriculum framework provides students with many opportunities to develop various skills and meet their individual needs. She has been pivotal in developing all areas of early education, including, Preschool & Kindergarten, and Afterschool, ensuring students have access to various academic and social activities. With her firm belief that every student deserves the opportunity to reach their full potential, she has worked tirelessly to create educational programs that are hands-on, interactive, and meaningful.

As a mother of two, Shazia Kitahara also understands the importance of choosing the right school for children. She has created a warm and welcoming environment at Sunshine Kids Academy Inc., where parents feel comfortable and confident and their children receive the best possible education and care every day.

Innovative Initiatives

Sunshine Kids Academy is always looking for the best possible ways to enhance the services offered whilst providing new and exciting opportunities to expand for the students. The newly established afterschool programs offer the best of both worlds: Education & Childcare. School’s community events and seasonal schools during seasonal holidays cater to non-registered students and currently enrolled families, providing a home away from home to its young learners. Above all, the Mommy and Me classes provide a stimulating environment for mothers and babies to learn and play in English, introducing the little ones to sensory play, exploration, and singing and dancing while also helping mothers connect with other moms and their children.

Sunshine Kids Academy Inc. believes that its programs are just one of the many ways to prove that “Education is Fun” & “Fun is Education.”

Beyond the Normative Curriculum

The school takes steps beyond the traditional curriculum framework to ensure early holistic education by providing children with daily Outdoor Activities, Gymnastics, Music, Classical Ballet, Hiphop, and Seasonal and Cultural Events in the regular program. In addition, the afterschool program emphasizes STEAM classes, combining experiential learning with health and fitness programs to encourage students to develop their skills with perseverance and enthusiasm.

Steps for Motivation

Sunshine Kids Academy Inc. believes in “Connection Before Correction” behavior management policy and techniques to motivate its students and encourage good behavior in its learning environment. As the words describe, “Connection Before Correction” is an approach that focuses on the power of positive discipline and healthy coping mechanisms between the students and their program teachers. The techniques set reasonable and positive expectations, offer choices, and allow children to verbalize their feelings, enabling them to develop self-control and problem-solving skills through understanding set expectations which motivates the students to strive in all areas of early education.

Financial Assistance

Sunshine Kids Academy prides itself on making quality education more accessible to its families by lowering the cost barriers for entry to its Preschool & Kindergarten families. The sponsorship program covers between 15% to 75% of tuition per term, and the amount may vary depending on total household income, and budgeting is evaluated confidentially.

School Uniqueness

As an International school, Sunshine Kids Academy takes pride in valuing diversity and inclusivity in its community. Its unique focus on English immersion, international experience, and diverse age-appropriate learning approaches provide students with a well-balanced learning experience. The curriculum framework is tailored to each age group to ensure maximum learning and engagement. The school also offers various family programs and events to encourage parental involvement, offering students and their families a well-rounded and supportive learning environment.

Adapting to Educational Developments

Sunshine Kids Academy stays abreast of the latest trends in education by providing educational activities, encouraging students to use technology in the classroom, celebrating diversity and inclusivity, and conducting regular safety drills. The school fosters a sense of community and supports students in their academic and personal growth while providing a safe and nurturing environment.

Recognitions & Accomplishments

Sunshine Kids Academy is a Tokyo Association of International Preschool members and has served over 250 students from 40 different nationalities since its establishment in 2014. The school prides itself on achieving a 100% parent satisfaction rate and preparing its graduates for success in some of Japan’s most prestigious and accredited international schools and institutions abroad. In addition, the school aims to pursue future accreditations to enhance its originally designed curriculum and educational programs. Sunshine Kids Academy is committed to fostering the development of globally minded and well-rounded individuals.

Future Plans

Sunshine Kids Academy believes that its relationship extends beyond the four walls of its facilities and through supportive partnerships and participation within the communities the school serves. The school aims to be a valuable asset in every community they step into, with the goal of expanding its location to the south and west of Tokyo and other areas of the central Kanto region.

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