Tesoro International School – Creating a Unique Learning Environment for Children

Location – Shin Ogawamachi 3-16, Kikusui Building 101, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo 162-0814, Japan

Website – http://www.tesorointernationalschool.com/

Contact +81 3-5946-8748

About Tesoro

“Tesoro” is an Italian word that means “treasure.” Our mission is to provide children (Tesoro) with a valuable education (Tesoro) that is truly a treasure. Located in Tokyo, Japan, we opened our doors in the spring of 2016, and since then, we have been bestowing the gift of Tesoro upon the children in our school.

We create a unique learning environment for children, where they can engage their curiosity while immersed in an English classroom. Our philosophy is to encourage students to become lifelong learners, active citizens, and compassionate individuals, all while utilizing the tools of education that are available to them.

Guiding Light

At Tesoro, every staff member plays a prominent role in the school’s development. Our school’s Director and founder, Mieko Aoki is deeply committed to carrying out the school’s educational mission with passion and dedication. She also teaches Japanese cultural lessons to convey the essence of the Japanese culture to the students.

In addition to Ms. Aoki, we have a talented team of teachers who use their skills and expertise to help shape the school’s development. Daniel is our P.E. teacher who inspires students to be active and healthy, Malavika is our English teacher who focuses on building strong language skills in our students. Niccolo is our Art and Culture teacher who helps students appreciate and create art. John is our Social Studies teacher who instills a love for history and culture in our students. Lastly, Yoshimi is our Special Needs teacher who provides tailored support to students with unique learning needs.

At Tesoro, we have adopted the Reggio Emilia approach, which emphasizes experiential learning and creative expression. To support this approach, we have an Art Master, Gianluca Malgeri, who works with students to create beautiful and meaningful art. Additionally, we use a holistic approach for theme-oriented activities, and we utilize each teacher’s strengths to provide area-focused lessons.

Overall, our team of dedicated staff members, led by Ms. Aoki, plays a crucial role in shaping the development of Tesoro and ensuring that our students receive a well-rounded education.

Fresh and Innovative Approach

We offer both a Day Program and an After School Program. While we are continuously enriching our Day Program, and we are currently expanding our After School Program to provide our alumni with the opportunity to stay immersed in an English-speaking environment and continue to improve their English language skills. During our After School Program, we teach core school subjects such as Math, English, and Physical Education in English.

In addition to our programs, Tesoro is also committed to being a Children’s English Hub in the community. We plan to support various exchange programs and help families with international school enrollment both in Japan and overseas. We believe that by creating opportunities for children to learn and interact with English-speaking communities, we can broaden their perspectives and help them become global citizens.

Beyond the Standard Curriculum

Tesoro utilizes authentic curriculum and resources to ensure the overall development of children. Our two main pillars of teaching resources are the International Early Years Curriculum (IEYC) and Jolly Phonics. We thoroughly deploy the curriculum at each unit and process to ensure that children are learning effectively.

In addition, we follow the Reggio Emilia approach and strive to involve families by keeping them informed and communicating with them about lesson content. We also invite parents into the classroom to share their talents and send activity photos chronologically to keep them informed about their child’s learning dynamics.

Steps for Motivation

We follow the IEYC implementation guide to motivate and develop students’ interest in learning. The IEYC learning process consists of six steps: Entry point, capturing curiosity, Enable the environment, The big picture, Explore & Express.

We organize rich activities based on exciting themes such as All About Me, Blast Off, Dinosaurs, Weather Wonders, and more. We strongly believe that children have a powerful innate ability to learn and we encourage them to explore their curiosity through various means during unit activity time, not just through direct teaching.

School’s Uniqueness

You can experience an overseas classroom environment without the need for an airplane ticket. Simply by entering our classrooms, you can immerse yourself in an English-speaking environment and gain a valuable international education.

Financial Assistance

Our fee scale is among the most reasonable in central Tokyo. Additionally, we offer sibling discounts and participate in a partial tuition fee reimbursement program for working parents through the municipal office.

Awards & Achievements

We are proud to have accomplished our goal of educating children who are able to communicate and learn in English. We have sent many students to international schools throughout Tokyo, and have received positive feedback that they are doing well. In fact, one of our recent graduates received a recognition award for his ‘endlessly kind and positive attitude,’ and we are extremely proud of him.

Following Educational Trends

We stay updated with the latest trends by keeping our eyes open and looking at the bigger picture. We actively search for opportunities to connect with these trends. One such opportunity is our partnership with Elite Education Magazine.

Roadmap for the Future We are committed to providing quality education (Tesoro) to our students (Tesoro). We will continue to offer our best services to ensure that every child receives the best education possible. We are also dedicated to supporting children who seek an international education and will do so with great pleasure.

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