The Most Inspiring Education Leaders of 2022 (China)

Cover Story

Kenny Duncan – Helping Children Achieve Their Learning Goals

Educational leaders play a vital role in shaping the future of education. They are responsible for creating a vision for their schools or organizations and developing strategies to achieve their goals. Read More..

Adriana Chan – Guiding Students to Accomplish Their Goals

Women are often the unsung heroes of the education sector, leading as mothers, owners and educators in preschools around the world. They are often overlooked for their immense contributions to the field of education, and yet they continue to be strong educational leaders. Read More..

Emily Chan – Encouraging Students Towards Stronger Future

I grew up in Hong Kong. I graduated as a Ford Scholar and Terman Scholar from Stanford University with a BS degree in Industrial Engineering. Then I went to Harvard for an MBA. I was a management consultant for about ten years before my son was born. Read More..

Julia Woo – Committed to Providing a Holistic and Progressive Education to Students

Education is a critical foundation for success in life. It helps individuals develop the skills and knowledge they need to pursue their goals and aspirations. Read More..

Xiaochao Guo – Getting Students to Achieve Their Dreams

My name is Xiaochao Guo, and I’m the founder of That’s Mandarin Chinese Language School. I started teaching Chinese nearly 20 years ago to foreign students in Beijing. Read More..