The Most Inspiring Education Leaders of 2022 (Malaysia)

Cover Story

Gregg Maloberti – Encouraging Students to Follow their Aspirations

Education provides wings to one’s imagination, nurtures them, and builds them into refined individuals and seasoned professionals. Many dedicated educational leaders have devoted themselves into providing Read More..

Kamila Ghazali – Developing Global Graduates and a University Fit for the Future

Educational leaders are pivotal in affecting their institutions’ climate, attitude, and reputation. Under successful leadership, universities become places where students are not only educated but challenged, nurtured, and encouraged. Read More..

Dato Professor Dr. Noor Inayah Ya’akub

Astonishing leaders have already been produced by conservative educational methods. Nevertheless, improvements in education are considered necessary to strike a balance in securing the best professional options for pupils. Read More..

Noor Zaidi Bin Mohd Noor – Revolutionizing Education Industry

I started my career as a teachers at a prominent Boarding Schools in Malaysia in 1991 and has been in the education field ever since. After 6 years at 2 government schools, I ventured as a pioneering staff in setting up a private Sixth Form College Read More..

Nooraini Binti Youp – A Positive Outlook Towards Future

In the past, education was confined to a classroom setting. Nowadays, students are more likely to be learning from a variety of sources in their own homes. The role of an educational leader is to help students become more self-directed Read More..