The Most Inspiring Education Leaders of 2023 (Qatar)

Mike Seaton – Guiding Students to Accomplish Their Goals

I have been fortunate to have enjoyed a successful career in school leadership, ranging from a Headship at a leading school in West Yorkshire, England, to a Director of Education (UK) post in which I oversaw the development of 12 British independent Read More..

Rim Kabbara – Driving Change in the Education Sphere

Rim Kabbara is a leader in the field of education with more than 21 years of experience in management, instruction, and teaching. She has great knowledge of different educational curriculums (American, British, and Lebanese). Read More..

Wayne Talbot – Teaching Kids to Appreciate and Embrace all Cultural Variety

Born in South Africa, Wayne Talbot was raised in a small residential town close to Johannesburg before spreading his wings and teaching in a variety of countries. The journey started when he was in Edenglen High School. This is his story Read More..