International Christian School of Vienna

Location – Panethgasse 6A, Wagramer Str. 175, 1220 Wien, Austria

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Contact +43 1 251220

1. Please mention about the school and its mission/vision and various infrastructural facilities.

The International Christian School of Vienna is the only K-12 English-speaking Christian school in Vienna, Austria, with an American curriculum and the International Baccalaureate Programme for grades 11 and 12. What started as a school for missionary children in 1986, over the years ICSV has expanded its mission to include students from international, diplomatic, and local families. Today, we are a caring community with over 320 students, founded on the core values of Christ-centeredness, excellence, integrity, respect, and service. 

ICSV is unique in its shared mission to provide high-quality, individualized education, equipping students with Christian character to impact the nations of the world. At ICSV, we believe that everyone is created in the image of God. We strive to be an international school of choice where every student is valued and empowered with truth and knowledge for life. 

The ICSV campus is located in Austria, in the heart of Europe. Just a few stations away from the United Nations building, ICSV welcomes students and families from 60 nationalities. The building houses 30 classrooms, separated between elementary and secondary classes. There is a science laboratory, a computer lab, and a library with both digital and print resources for the students. There are separate music, art, and physical education rooms. The multi-purpose room is used for school assemblies and concerts. Outdoors is an elementary playground, small soccer field, and basketball court. A cafeteria where students can purchase lunch rounds out the building. 

2. Kindly mention about the prominent personality of the school and his/her role in the development of the school.

ICSV is governed by a School Board made up of parents and other individuals interested in the welfare of the school. Members bring expertise in education, finance, law, property development, and ministry. The School Board hires the school director. Dr. Sharon Brobst is in her eighth year as director of ICSV. She has a doctorate in education and is a certified administrator. Her leadership team is composed of two division principals, the HR and finance manager, the office manager, and the advancement director. 

3. Kindly describe about the various courses offered by the school and their salient features. 

Elementary School 

Our elementary school program offers the traditional core subjects: English Language Arts, Social Studies, Science, and Mathematics. In addition, each student also participates in Bible, German or English Language Learning, Music, Art, Physical Education (PE), and Computer classes. Our courses are all standards aligned to ensure effective progression of learning. We use innovative, research-based methods of instruction, and cross-disciplinary strategies to help create authentic connections in learning.

Secondary School 

At ICSV, students have the unique opportunity to graduate with up to two secondary school diplomas. They earn the U.S. high school diploma by completing courses in English, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, World Language, Art, PE, and Health. All students also complete Bible classes, delving into a scriptural approach to ethics, world issues, and the tenants of the Christian faith. In grades 11 and 12 students have the opportunity to earn the International Baccalaureate diploma (IBDP), which is recognized across the globe for its rigorous curriculum and excellent university preparation. Students can choose to complete some, all, or no IB courses in addition to their American curriculum.

4. Please mention what steps are you taking beyond the traditional curriculum to ensure overall development of the students?

While we strive to create an academic program that is highly effective, we also understand that we have a responsibility to aid students in their overall development. Our small class sizes and staff that are invested in knowing their students in a holistic manner help create a nurturing learning environment where students feel safe and known.

Another way that ICSV helps students feel valued is through participation in extracurricular activities, such as: after school clubs, sports, fundraisers, school-wide and class-sponsored events, Student Government, mission trips, and community outreach projects. These activities create opportunities outside of the classroom to build teacher-student relationships, which effectively help shape students’ character and meet their overall developmental needs. 

Our trained support staff are also available to meet with students who would like to discuss personal issues, future plans, or spiritual questions. In middle school, students have a life skills class with lessons pertinent to the students’ social and spiritual lives, while high school students receive guidance to enroll in the university of their choice and become competitive in the workforce. 

5. What steps does the school take to motivate and develop the students’ interest towards education? 

ICSV teachers structure their teaching methods around engaging student-centered learning processes. They use educational technology tools, such as NearPod,  PearDeck, and Flip that draw students into each lesson. At the beginning of each year, students write personal goals for achievement based on their fall MAP tests. These standardized assessments help students see where they excel and areas in need of improvement. Teachers review individual goals with each student to help them create a plan for their attainment. 

The school has an extensive Student Support Services department that provides English Language Learner instruction and Learning Support for students who need to raise their level of English academic proficiency or require accommodations in order to succeed academically. Having teachers who are their in-house advocates encourages these students in their studies.

6. How are you providing financial assistance to the students in need? 

ICSV provides financial assistance through the ICSV Tuition Waiver Fund. The fund is designed to provide partial waivers of tuition for families with demonstrated financial needs. A student must be accepted for enrollment in order to be considered for financial assistance. 

7. What are the career opportunities available to the students after completion of their courses?

Students pursue universities throughout North America, Europe and across the world. The American high school diploma and the IB diploma open doors for students to complete higher education in every country. While students demonstrate a variety of interests in their career choices, common career paths include Business, Medicine, and International Relations. Several ICSV alumni have returned as staff members. 

8. How the school tackled Covid-19, share your experience. 

ICSV closely followed protocols established by the Vienna Board of Education and took precautions to ensure the health and well being of its school community. Specific classes were placed in a remote-learning format when infection warranted it. 

Technology had already been integrated into the education program so teachers and students were comfortable switching to an online format during the lockdown. The school provided families with Chromebooks if they needed an additional device during this time. Teachers were available to their students throughout the day. Classes were conducted in both synchronous and asynchronous formats. 

9. Please enlighten us about the school’s major awards/achievements, its accomplished/renowned alumni, remarkable collaborations, and major accreditations. 

ICSV is accredited by the Association of Christian Schools International and the Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools. It is also an IB World School, by offering the International Baccalaureate Diploma Program. The school has enjoyed a 100% pass rate during the last few years. Students consistently score above international norms on annual standardized academic assessments. The school’s athletic program has produced many first place finishes in the school division’s tournaments. 

Students participate in service learning opportunities as they partner with schools and local charities in several countries, including the US, Romania, and Nepal. The school supports the River of Life Foundation in Romania by raising funds and taking a yearly trip to help with facilities projects and running a children’s program. Students also participate in the UN Women’s Guild Charity Bazaar. 

Last year, ICSV organized a special program to help Ukrainian refugee students continue their studies, including financial assistance. Several families have remained at ICSV, stating that the school provided a safe, caring environment in which their children can continue their education while living in Vienna.

10. Kindly elaborate about the future plans of the school in the same.

Today, ICSV is working on the expansion of its current facility. We purchased the adjoining property so that the footprint can be doubled in size. We have designed a new sustainable state-of-the-art facility with four science labs, a double gymnasium with a stage, multiple outdoor spaces for athletic events, and flexible learning spaces for students to collaborate with their peers. The new building will allow enrollment to grow to 600 students. The school is currently working to raise funds to assist with the building project. 

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