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In the past, education was confined to a classroom setting. Nowadays, students are more likely to be learning from a variety of sources in their own homes.

The role of an educational leader is to help students become more self-directed learners and make sure that they are getting the best possible education. They also have to make sure that the school or institution is thriving and well-managed.

Having 27 years of experience in manufacturing and education industries. Offering outstanding leadership skill with high integrity and committed to job task. Business oriented and result driven person. One such Education Leader is Nooraini Binti Youp, she drives the organization in a positive revenue growth. Pleasant personality and great rapport with stakeholders.

About Nooraini

She is a Director and Senior Lecturer for Open University Malaysia. She is a Board Director for one of Top Ten Coop in Malaysia name Koperasi Tunas Muda Sg Ara Sdn Bhd, (KTMSAB) Penang. She is the Chairman for Debt Collector ,Exco member for Learning and Development for the KTMSAB and Chairman for Sri Tunas Edar (a subsidiary for KTMSAB).She is the member of Institute of Corporate Directors Malaysia.

Initially, Nooraini was a purchaser in the manufacturing industry. Gradually, she shifted into education in the year 2009 taking a 180-degree change in her life and adapting to a new career path has been challenging, yet she has been able to get many students throughout her striking journey. In the education fraternity, she explored, learned, and discovered her interests and faced every challenge with the perspective of an opportunity. She founded her vision of helping and supporting more learners while upgrading their education a notch up higher and better.

She is an accomplished director with domestic and international experience in operations. P & L oversight, and marketing involving both start-up and growth organizations. Result oriented, decisive leader with proven success in new market identification and strategic positioning for multimillion education industries. Track record of increasing sales and growing bottom line while spreading operational improvements to drive productivity and reduce costs. Excel in dynamic, demanding environments while remaining pragmatic and focused.

Revolutionary Contribution

Taking leadership and entrepreneurial skills at a different level to embark on a journey of optimistic actions, Nooraini Binti Youp – a leader is changing lives with her strong mind-set and glorious personality. She has been successfully handling all hurdles, hardships, burdens to create a platform that is life defining for her students. Her go-getter approach and passion to deliver high-impact resources have helped her shape a fairer world in the education fraternity. Let’s have a look at how her illustrious facade is conquering titles, winning hearts, and signifying reforms.

About OUM

Established in 2000, OUM is the country’s seventh private university and the only one owned by a consortium of Malaysia’s first 11 public universities, known as Multimedia Technology Enhancement Operations Sdn Bhd (METEOR).

This gives us the unique advantage of harnessing the prestige and expertise of our stakeholders. For learners, this means we have the resources to make our programmes the best they can be, with input and contribution from experts throughout the country.

OUM strives to be the university of choice for anyone looking for affordable part-time studies, especially working adults. With 22 years of experience in ODL, we offer a learner-friendly, flexible and accessible approach to ensure that anyone can study anytime and anywhere, not just within Malaysia but also across the globe.

The institute provides the full range of education programs from diploma, degree, master, and Ph.D. level at Open University Malaysia. Every one of my students has their success and failures stories in life, as such the university has been able to improve their life to greater heights. The students come from all walks of life with different ranges of ages with one intention to succeed in life. As a leader, she adheres to accomplish each of their goals and guides them towards a brighter future.

Source of Motivation

With thousands of students turning their dreams into realities and coming back over and over again to accomplish their many goals, visions, and aims are teaching us an inspirational and motivational lesson. As a leader, there is no greater satisfaction than to see the successful faces of those who you choose to lead. With the help of a second chance, learners have been able to fulfil their lifelong dream of learning and growing with leaps and bounds. Such initiatives hold a special place in our hearts and lives.

Nooraini is a woman of choice and composure, just as her professional stature she has lived her personal life with utmost grace and dignity. She is a single mother with four kids, all the children are well-groomed with the right prospects of good education, health, and wealth. At home as a mother- she has fulfilled all her responsibilities with compassion and warmth. As a working woman, Nooraini has excelled with her high-quality performance and driven the organization in positive revenue growth. Her business-oriented person and result-driven style have hit a track record of increasing sales and growing the bottom line while spreading operational improvements to drive productivity and reduce costs. She has flourished in dynamic and demanding environments while remaining pragmatic and focused. Her decades-long experienced in the manufacturing and education industries has helped her to deliver outstanding leadership with integrity and a committed work ethic. Her pleasant personality has secured her cordial relationship with all teams and especially a great rapport with stakeholders.

Awards and Accreditations

  • Darjah Johan Negeri. Awarded by Tuan Yang Terutama Negeri Pulau Pinang, Tun Dato’ Seri Utama Ahmad Fuzi bin Haji Abdul Razak during his 73 birthday.
  • Certified NLP Practitioner.
  • Certified Transformational Leadership by Chartered Management Institution.

Message for Future Leaders Nooraini- a kind-hearted woman who believes in being and doing good to all people. Her people-friendly nature boosts human interaction and connection above all. She believes in bestowing value to each one involved in the whole process. “Believing in being good to all people, has encouraged me to provide distance learning programs to the adults’ learners as to provide them with second chances to improve their life’s better.”

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