Sister Merceditas O. Ang – Education is the Best Investment in Life


The road less travelled might not be an easy choice but nevertheless most fulfilling in life and work. My professional training in law and education certainly enriched my vocation as a religious sister. Servant leadership has prominently set the moral compass of my apostolic endeavours across disciplines. I have developed the passion to serve and help others since my college days. In the process of doing lifegiving advocacies, it is meaningful to empower people to unravel and develop their full potentials and become the best version of themselves.

I believe that leadership is an opportunity to serve. Leading by serving is mission-driven and imbued with spirituality and ethics. Servant leadership has an empowering and transformative effect on people and society. What makes life most meaningful is when we see the big picture that is aligned with our purpose and eternal goal.

Use of Technology

As a Paulinian educator, I advocate a holistic and technology-enabled teaching and learning model. The digital transformation of the university is a work in progress. Utilizing advanced educational technologies in the classroom certainly engage the students towards better learning outcomes. Hybrid and hyflex learning modalities are used for classroom instruction. We have established simulation laboratories and invested on artificial intelligence and robotics. Coding education is integrated in the learning design. Consequently, the students are able to create and invent automated and sustainable projects, digitized programs and applications, IA fabrications, and value-added scientific innovations. What is important is to empower the students to harness new technologies in creating solutions to real life problems.

Transformational Leadership

Relevance and innovation can enhance the quality of education beyond borders. In 2015, we launched the internationalization program at St. Paul University Philippines (SPUP) with the tagline, “making a difference globally.” This was a very significant transformation in the learning environment and organizational culture of the university. Accordingly, the student population became diverse, inclusive, intercultural, and interfaith. There was remarkable increase in the number of students and partners in the academe and industry. Likewise, we embarked on transnational education, research collaboration, faculty industry immersion, and student mobility.

About SPUP

SPUP was founded on May 10, 1907 by the Sisters of St. Paul of Chartres in Tuguegarao City, Cagayan Valley, Philippines. From its humble beginnings, it developed into an autonomous international university with accredited programs and modern facilities. The university is ranked 81st in the 2023 innovative World’s Universities with Real Impact (WURI). Likewise, SPUP was ranked in the 2023 Times Higher Education Impact Rankings. With a mission to foster sustainable development through quality education, the UNESCO Associated Schools Project Network has recognized SPUP as its affiliate school in the country. Additionally, for its integrated undertakings toward environmental stewardship and care for creation, the university was conferred the award of Most Environment-Friendly and Sustainable School.

Propelled by its commitment to provide quality education, SPUP was granted an ISO 9001 Certification by TUV Rheinland in 2000 and accredited by the Asian Association of Schools of Business International since 2014. It was selected as one of only 16 Universities in the Philippines by World Bank as a Knowledge for Development Center (KDC). For its exemplary achievement as an innovative private school, SPUP was a Netizen’s Choice Awardee in the 2021 Philippine Social Media Awards in recognition of its strong online presence, positive ratings and reviews, and responsible use of social media platforms as its marketing tools.

The post-pandemic world poses overwhelming challenges. Apparently, the educational ecosystem is undergoing massive changes and digital revolution. SPUP remains steadfast in its mission and commitment to provide high quality education. It integrates 21st century learning competencies and global education towards the future-ready and holistic formation of the students. My deep faith and determination motivate me to translate challenges into opportunities. I think without a box and transcend obstacles with empathy and agility. When confronted with issues and problems, I always verify facts and data then focus on viable solutions. What keeps me going is loving service to God and others. I am sustained by prayers, hard work, discipline, and balanced perspectives in life.

I am inspired by the noble legacies and edifying achievements of great teachers. As the incumbent President of SPUP, I take the lead in the breakthrough innovations and expansion of the university. School leadership entails strategic thinking, agile disposition, prudential judgment, conviction and character to engage in reforms, paradigm shift, transition, and recovery effort.

SPUP wants to blaze new trails of creativity, innovation, and sustainability post-pandemic and beyond. Its strategic directions are vision-mission driven and anchored on the positive convergence of Quality, Technology, and Sustainability. Thus, transform into a smart university in a green campus, providing world-ranked quality of education and truly making a difference globally.

Message for Students

I have a fulfilling journey as an educational leader. Education is the best investment in life; it pays the highest interest and multiplies benefits. Learning is lifelong and students learn the essentials beyond the confines of classroom instruction. We are empowered by knowledge and skills especially when we care for people and the environment, thus, contribute to social transformation and betterment of the world.

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  1. First of all, i give my sincerest congratulations to you, Sister Merceditas O. Ang, President of SPUP, for a job well done. You have accepted your calling in life, your passion, and give your best in what you do, and in turn you are a blessing to SPUP/your institution, to the community, and to your family. Keep up the good work. God bless.

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